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Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's rant

Search facebook,
Hit the home button,
Now you'll see many people are talking about new year...
Yup, in less than 24 hours left, it'll be 2013~Wow!!? huh.... now the question is, what the "wow" for?
Nothing change right? We'll still get the same O2(oxygen) like we've got for this year.... Isn't it?
It's just the number that'll change.
Nothing more...
So, no big deal for that...Yes?

My point is, if we don't do something good for ourselves, family, community, nation and our Deen next year, this 2013 is really not a big deal.
It's just the number that 'll change on the calender, nothing special.
But, (yes, here comes the 'but')
If we try to do something better for ourselves (at least) for this 'next year', ~it'll be a magnificent year for us (bunyi bunga api)*

So what kind of changes that can be considered as magnificent here? Do we need to become a world known celebrity or professor or syeikh or what?

My answer is, if you can, why not... But changes can be in many aspect.
If we think we've done something good, then, it'll be a commendable act... We don't have to do something this BIG (imagine saiz sebuah planet yg sgt2 besar)**, maybe a small change is sufficient. What counts here is our effort to change.

New year is just another night for us. If we don't do anything, it'll be nothing there. If we want to change, do it. Don't wait until next year (we don't know when is our ajal (death) right?).
So do it now, yes NOW~ even it's still 2012

~My goals for next year are:
1.Kurangkan jadi ustaz (konon2nye) kt FB tu***
2. Belajar lebih banyak ilmu (ilmu hitam tak termasuk) ****
3. Jadi lebih baik, kurangkan cakap dan jgn campur hal2 orang. *****

enough said I think.

May peace be upon you...

~I'm no longer afraid of chasing possibilities I'll be the last one standing.... (super something, by yuna)

Foot note:

*sfx of fire crackers
** imagine size of a very huge planet
*** Reduce posts that show that I'm a good guy on FB
**** Learn more (except black magic)
***** Be a better person, avoid talking too much and stop meddling with others' affairs

2013... Tahun merawat hati (boleh?) hehe

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