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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going Home

Slowly we travel  this path
Because we will be far from home
Far from Him..

Then someone came into our life
They are father and mother to guide us
Love us
Until we become what we are today

Then, slowly we met with others
Cheerful, energetic and funny
Always there for us through thick and thin
And they are what we call friends

If we are lucky,
They will help us to show our way home
If not, then maybe they will bring us astray from the correct path
to the house of the sinners

Now, on this empty road
Sit alone and think
We we should go?

To our own house and meet Him again
Or to the other place that are full of punishments and torments

Please, stay on this route
Take my hand and let's go together.
Let's go home...
Shall we?

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