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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sahaja Aku berpuasa atau aku berpuasa saja-saja ada bezanya

Yes, It has been a very long time since my last post here...

Maybe this will be a very short post, just for myself and hopefully it can be a very useful note for everyone (ok let's hope together :p )

Sahaja aku berpuasa atau aku berpuasa saja2, yup, since this is the fasting month, I think this title will suit  my note...

Am I fasting to fulfil something or I just fast for the sake of fasting won't be the same. If we fast to get the rewards from Allah S.W.T it wil be very good for us, but if we just fast because everybody are doing it, then we will only suffer from starvation and thirst. Nothing more.

It's the same with no matter what we do. If we've set our mind for a good result when we do something, the result won't be the same as when we do it blindly.

Perhaps we can change our attitude. When we want to do something, make sure that it is beneficial for us and everyone else. Don't do it if we know it won't give any good outcomes. Please don't waste our time.

That's all for you Mr Jebat,
May peace be upon you... ~Peace!

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